Announcing Proxidyne

Posted by on Mar 22, 2016
Announcing Proxidyne

I’d like to introduce you to Proxidyne, Inc., our newly renamed two-year-old company that creates and operates the Proxidyne Sensor Net (PS Net) platform for wireless sensor, automation and analytics.  PS Net serves customers in Retail, Conferences, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, Government and other institutions as well as SmartHomes, all of which benefit from sensor driven automation and optimization.  With PS Net, organizations can enlist their buildings and other infrastructure to respond to individuals’ needs as more sensors are deployed and as those sensors get cheaper, smaller, smarter and more connected.

Proxidyne tools manage and secure your network of sensors and sensor data, trigger automation to empower staffers, and capture data from which it extracts actionable analytics that help you understand and optimize your operations in real-time.

Our powerful line of proximity hardware and software solutions are installed across North America where they help our customers manage sensor-driven automation. We provide value to retail chains, manufacturing firms, and grocery chains to help retailers achieve success with BOPUS and curbside pickup, to manage customer interactions inside stores, and to optimize staff allocation.

For example:

  • When a customer arrives to pick up an online order, our sensor network detects the customer arrival and alerts the correct staff members via a 2-way radio announcement.
  • When a customer is shopping (dwelling) in a high margin aisle, our solution notifies staff to assist the customer.
  • In manufacturing, our solution monitors staff and heavy equipment alerting drivers and staff so they can avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • Grocery store cashiers rely on our sensor network to automatically alert managers and other staff when assistance is needed to reduce wait time and increase revenue.

Check out our solutions, our products, or contact us to learn more.

Tim Perfitt
Co-Founder and CEO of Proxidyne

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