Proxidyne Bridge

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016
Proxidyne Bridge

The heart of the Proxidyne Sensor Network is our Proxidyne Bridge, a remotely-managed appliance that installs on-premises in a retail store or warehouse where it coordinates the sensor network activity inside that venue.

Proxidyne Bridges acts as the brain for the system, receiving data from all of the sensors and buttons, analyzing that data and, when appropriate, triggering an action such as an announcement.  For example, when a sensor detects that someone needs assistance, this notification is sent wirelessly to the Proxidyne Bridge.  Proxidyne Bridge then applies rules and triggers announcements on the appropriate channels of your 2-way radios, or a message (SMS or Push) to an associate’s smart device.  Rules as to how to respond to sensor input are managed either  directly on the Proxidyne Bridge or, for multiple locations, managed in our cloud service.

And if you are rolling out curbside pickup or BOPIS, you can trigger an in-store notification of staff from your ecommerce backend to the Proxidyne Bridge in your store over your corporate network or through our cloud service.

Proxidyne Bridge does not require access to your in-store network, as it uses Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular and sub-GHz wireless to communicate with the sensors and to the Proxidyne cloud service.  So you can deploy Proxidyne Bridge today without provisioning your in-store network.  And if you want to communicate directly with the Proxidyne Bridge in-store, you can easily connect using WiFi or its built-in Ethernet port.

Check out Proxidyne Bridge today and let us know how we can help with your in-store notifications with Proxidyne Bridge.

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