Reduce pick times for Buy Online, Pick up in-Store

Posted by on Apr 5, 2016
Reduce pick times for Buy Online, Pick up in-Store

Are you struggling to reduce pick time and increase revenue using Buy Online, Pick up in Store (BOPIS)?

Check out the Proxidyne solution that automatically and discreetly alerts staff when an order is placed and when the customer arrives to pick up the order.

It works like this: when an order is placed on your online store, our in-store Proxidyne Bridge automatically notifies staff over existing 2-way radios, overhead signs, overhead pager, or right to their handheld device.  The staff can then immediately pick the order and set it aside for customer pick up, preventing delays and avoiding potential “out of stock” of the purchased item.

When the customer arrives, the Proxidyne Sensor Net will detect the customer and notify staff that the BOPIS customer has arrived for pick up.  The Proxidyne Sensor Net uses a combination of Bluetooth Beacons, motion detecting cameras, wireless call buttons, and other sensors to make sure that your customer orders are complete to grow sales and reduce pick times.

You will also get actionable data so you can see how each store is performing based on key metrics you define.  You can compare different stores, time of day, day of week, day of year, and many other metrics.  You can even view the data in real-time, so you will know how BOPIS is performing up to the minute, and can have confidence of a successful BOPIS implementation.

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