Customer Highlight: Pressure Mats in Watch Area

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016

One of our customers was having an issue with losses in a section that stocked wrist watches.  When a customer was dwelling in front of the watch display they wanted to alert staff to either assist the customer or by their awareness, to reduce loss.  We installed a pressure sensitive mat that triggered our Proxidyne Relay when a customer stood on it and a secure message was sent to the Proxidyne Bridge.  The Proxidyne Bridge determined if the customer was dwelling for long enough, and alerted the associates to monitor the customer.

Soon after deploying the system, loss prevention received an announcement over their 2-way radios that a customer was dwelling at the wrist watch area.  Security watched the customer and noticed that the customer was hiding wrist watches in their jacket in an attempt to steal the merchandise.  Proxidyne’s Sensor Net improved customer service and reduced loss.

Want to learn how to reduce loss and improve sales with sensors on the sales floor?  Contact us today.

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