Reduce Checkout Lines with Proxidyne

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016

Proxidyne Bridge shortens checkout lines.

Don’t make your customers wait to complete their purchases.

Proxidyne’s Sensor Net, (PS Net) detects when checkout lines are getting too long and automatically notifies staff via existing 2-way radios, overhead pages, digital signage, or right to their handhelds.  The PS Net uses dwell-detecting cameras, pressure mats, and other sensors to detect long checkout lines and notifies the appropriate staff to assist with checkout.  This improves customers’ satisfaction and reduces abandoned carts–the telltale sign of frustrated customers.

You’ll also get actionable data to determine how each store is performing and how performance compares to the same day of the week, week over week, or year over year.  And since the data you get is real time, you can have insights into store operations right when you need them.

Contact us today to find out how Proxidyne’s solutions can help you reduce wait times.

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