Customer Highlight: Grocer Cashier Assist Call Buttons

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016

One of our customers just installed call buttons for their cashiers.  When any of the 4 call buttons at the cashier are pressed, Proxidyne Bridge plays a customized announcement over the staff’s 2-way radios.  The cashiers don’t need to leave their stations for assistance, and the person responsible is immediately notified via the 2-way radio. They don’t have to look for a flashing light, and the customers are not interrupted repeatedly with overhead announcements.

Here’s the’s finished button with optional customized pictogram printing:

4 button proxidyne button

Though they could assign the buttons any number of roles, the grocery store configured for: requesting change, alcohol sales assistance, price check, and manager needed.  With a speedy press of a button, cashiers can use the Proxidyne Button to request help from their co-workers.  Proxidyne Button communicates wirelessly to the Proxidyne Bridge which broadcasts to the 2-way radios or staff mobile apps a custom audio message specific to each button.  Installation is painless and quick because the solution does not require network access or other integration with IT. So the buttons can be operational the same day the installation starts. Proxidyne Button’s power source, two AA batteries, lasts over a year with normal usage.

Anytime the grocery management wants to change or update their announcement, they can adjust it immediately on the Proxidyne Bridge by selecting a different announcement or uploading a new .WAV sound file.

The Proxidyne Bridge tracks the date and time of every button press and generates a report informing management of the frequency of each request by cashier, aisle and store.  Managers can use this data to improve cashier support, training and efficiency.

Interested in our Proxidyne Button or the Proxidyne Bridge?  Contact us today for a free demonstration and requirements analysis.

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