Optimize Staff Allocation & Efficiency

Posted by on Apr 13, 2016

Proxidyne Bridge + sensors + other inputs = staff where they are needed most.

Proxidyne helps you solve the perennial “Goldilocks Problem” of Staff Allocation with automated customer traffic analysis and automated staff dispatch.

First, Proxidyne continually measures customer traffic in your most important aisles and service points with wireless sensors and motion sensing cameras.

Then, Proxidyne crunches the numbers to give you visual summaries of customer traffic so you can schedule the right number of staff to properly serve the expected number of customers.  Our analytics show you the average number of customers throughout your store and trends based by aisle, service-point, store and region, by time of day, time of year, and more.

Next, Proxidyne’s automated dispatch alerts staff when customers are shopping in high-value aisles so staff can help customers buying your most valuable merchandise.

No phone or app required!  Proxidyne measures customers’ physical presence in your store using wireless sensors such as dwell detection cameras, pressure sensitive floor mats, and Proxidyne Button wireless call buttons.  Staff are discretely notified via their two-way radios or in-store handheld devices enabling them to assist customers precisely when they can have the most impact.

Prompt service by your trained staff increases revenue and upselling while decreasing abandonment and loss through theft.

Contact us to learn how Proxidyne’s Staff Allocation Solution can help you and your stores meet your sales goals with in-store proximity sensors and solutions.

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