Customer Highlight: Furniture Dwell Detection

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016
Customer Highlight: Furniture Dwell Detection

A challenge for staff allocation is letting associates know when a customer needs assistance so they can close the sale.  A national chain is using Proxidyne Sensor Net to detect when customers in their furniture section dwell for more than 90 seconds so an associate can offer advice, provide options, and up-sell assembly and delivery.

Here is how it works. A wireless camera detects motion in the furniture section and reports the activity to our Proxidyne Bridge.  The Proxidyne Bridge analyzes the activity and determines if it is a customer that is dwelling in the area and alerts an associate over the 2-way radios in the store.  The associate then assists the customer and can close the sale.

The chain determined that the dwell detection and announcements dramatically increased their sales in the furniture section.

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