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Developer Info

If you are integrating Bleu Station into your iOS app, the best place to start is by purchasing our Bleu Starter Kit. It includes three Bleu Stations, integration support to help assess requirements for a beacon-enabled solution, access to sample code and our SDK. Email us to download Bleu SDK or directly download from our partners at Twocanoes.

Sample Applications and Source Code

See our public github repository.

Beacon Enabled Apps

Trigger actions based on proximity using Bleu Station beacons and jump start your learning about the capabilities of Bleu Stations.


Our SDK provides full integration with configuration of all settings of Bleu Stations. See the documentation or get the SDK materials.

Bleu Setup for iOS

One-step configuration of Bleu Stations with Bleu Setup for iOS. Attach the Bleu Station to power and it will appear automatically Bleu Setup. Set a password, a few identifiers, and it’s ready to go.

After setup, the Bleu Station will immediately start broadcasting over Bluetooth and is ready to use in your app. For fine-grained proximity control, the Bleu Setup app provides additional advanced settings for tuning Bleu Stations for any environment.

App Integration

Our SDK includes the ability to integrate setup of the Bleu Station hardware right into your app. Build hardware configuration capabilities into existing point-of-sale, kiosk, or other types of onsite apps. Integrated hardware setup drives down support costs for native apps and ensures that onsite staff can deploy Bleu Stations quickly and easily.

Zero Touch Deployment

Installing a handful of iBeacon compatible devices is relatively straightforward, but provisioning and deploying thousands of devices can be costly and error-prone. Bleu drives down the cost of deployment though Zero Touch and Zero Tech deployment. Zero Touch deployment means that the person deploying the Bleu Station simply plugs in the Bleu Station, and the Bleu Station is automatically configured by an iOS device within range.

Read the whitepaper on Zero Touch tech brief.