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Proxidyne Annunciator plays one of five different recorded messages when remotely triggered alert customers and staff of important information. Use Annunciator for loss prevention and flow control.
Simply install the Proxidyne Annunciator any where that you want to deliver a recorded message. When triggered wirelessly, the Annunciator will play the message specified in the signal at an adjustable volume.  View analytics or change announcements in Proxidyne Dasbboard.


  • Trigger up to 4 announcements wirelessly over secure Bluetooth connection
  • Easily update sounds using MP3 format and SD Card slot
  • Software included (Python) included for easy integration with your project
  • Detect momentary movement such as passing through a doorway
  • Use multiple Proxidyne Motion Sensors for different areas or rooms
  • Quick motion reset period of less than 1 sec to quickly detect changes
  • Compatible with all Proxidyne Sensors


Technical Specifications

Audio MP3 file files upgradeable via SD card slot
Proxidyne Sensors Trigger MP3 announcements remotely
Sensor Limit Use with up to 100 Proxidyne Sensors at one time
Security AES 128 encrypted communication channel
Network Connectivity Wireless communicates over Bluetooth 4.1
Power USB 5V power
Range Standard Range up to 150 ft, extendable to over 1 km using the Proxidyne Long Range Relay
Connector USB Type-A Mini connector for configuration and power
Upgrades Upgradeable firmware via USB

Product Sheet

Proxidyne Annuciator Product (v4.1): High ResSmall File