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Walk up to any printer with your iPad and discover the printer instantly with Bleu Station Printer Beacons.   Bleu Station Printer Beacons are USB/AC powered beacons that broadcast printer discovery to nearby iOS devices over Bluetooth.

In large organizations, discovering printers with iOS can be difficult since iOS will show all printers that are on the same network and are broadcasting AirPrint advertisements on the wireless network.  The iOS device may see no printers or may show dozens of devices, making it very difficult for the person who wants to print to select the correct printer.  Bleu Station Printer Beacons solves this problem by broadcasting the printer location over Bluetooth to nearby iOS devices running iOS 10 or later.  As long as the iOS device can reach that printer over the wireless network, it can print to it.  This includes AirPrint printers or any print queue compatible with iOS 10 devices.

Easy Deployment

No software is required on the iOS device (iOS 10 or later required).  All the software you need to setup, configure, and deploy Bleu Station beacons is provided.

How Does It Work?

When an iOS device running iOS 10 or later attempts to print, the device will scan for nearby printer beacons. The Bleu Station Printer Beacon responds with the network address and other information to the iOS device, and the iOS device uses that information to verify that the printer is reachable on the WiFi network.  If it is, the printer will be shown as a selectable printer.


Our beacons are fully FCC certificated, fully compatible and licenses to the iBeacon Specifications by Apple, and comply with all Bluetooth LE requirements. Additionally, our power supplies are CE and UL certified.

Bleu SDK

Easily and quickly integrate the beacons into your solution with our administration SDK.


Powered over USB and ships with an AC adapter to power the Bleu Station indefinitely. AC-powered beacons allow the Bleu Station to operate at specifications defined by Apple for iBeacons and ensures that the Bleu Station will always work with iBeacon-compatible devices and apps.

Technical Specifications

Type Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) version 4 (Bluetooth Smart)
Security Secure Simple Pairing and AES-128
RF 2.402GHz to 2480GHz
Typical line-of-sight range 10-30 meters
Dimensions L 18.5mm x W 13mm x H 6.5mm
Form Factor USB Type A
Power 5V AC

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