Bleu Station Series 350

A battery powered beacon built for deployment

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Bleu Station Beacons Series 350 Beacons are industrial strength beacons for a wide range of
deployment scenarios. Packed with long lasting batteries and tons
of physical security features, this is the battery-powered beacon built to last.

Long Life BatteriesBleu Station Series 305 cover off

Battery replacement can drive up support costs. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, the 350 series beacon lasts 7 months at full power, and over 1 year when used with our power saving features. Replacing the batteries is quick, convenient and secure.

Physical Security

Securely mount the Series 350 beacon with the built in mounting bracket and lock it up tight with the side mounting screw. Once secured, the beacon cannot be opened, reset, or disabled.

Easy Deployment

All the software you need to setup, configure, and deploy Bleu Station beacons is provided.

No Ongoing Fees

No monthly fee to deploy our beacons. No activation from a cloud service to make our beacons operational, and all the parts you need to configure and deploy beacons is provided with our SDK.


Our beacons are fully FCC certificated, fully compatible and licenses to the iBeacon Specifications by Apple, and comply with all Bluetooth LE requirements. Additionally, our power supplies are CE and UL certified.

Bleu SDK

Easily and quickly integrate the beacons into your solution with our administration SDK.

iBeacon Licensed Technology

Fully licensed by Apple and always within specifications means that the Bleu Station Series 200 will remain compatible for years to come.


Bleu Stations Beacons work great with any iBeacon-enabled app, and work particularly well with our apps available for free in the app store. Check out Bleu Setup, Bleu Meetings, Bleu JSS, and more.

Technical Specifications

Type Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) version 4 (Bluetooth Smart)
Security Secure Simple Pairing and AES-128
RF 2.402GHz to 2480GHz
Typical line-of-sight range 30-150 meters
Dimensions L 65mm x W 80mm x H 26mm
Form Factor Wall Mounted
Power 2 AAA Batteries
Admin Tools Bleu Setup (iOS), Bleu Meetings (iOS), Bleu JSS (iOS)
Available Settings UUID, Major, Minor, Power Calibration, Password, Friendly Name
Over-the-air firmware updates Yes
Reset button Yes
LED Visual Indicator Yes
Certifications FCC part 15 modular qualification. Bluetooth, CE, FCC, IC, Japan and South-Korea qualified.
iBeacon Fully Licensed and compliant with Apple iBeacon Technology
LE connections up to 8
Modulations GFSK
Transmit power +3 dBm
Receiver sensitivity -93 dBm
Antenna Integrated ceramic chip
Operating Temperature -40° C to +85°C
TX peak current 26 mA
RX peak current 25 mA