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Our Four-Button Sensor is wireless call button with 4 inputs so you can add remote control to your next project.  With a simple press of a button, a secure message is sent over bluetooth back to the Proxidyne Receiver, and the button state is output over the serial port in easy to parse JSON format.  We also provide sample software to play audio messages or call a webhook whenever a button is pressed.


  • Detect long and short presses on each input, for a total of 4 inputs on 4 button sensor
  • Detected button presses and state sent wirelessly over secured connection to Proxidyne Receiver
  • Detected presses output to receiver in easy to parse JSON format
  • Software included (Python) included for easy integration with your project
  • Detect momentary movement such as passing through a doorway
  • Use multiple Proxidyne Motion Sensors for different areas or rooms
  • Quick motion reset period of less than 1 sec to quickly detect changes
  • Compatible with all Proxidyne Sensors


One Proxidyne Receiver. You may use up to 100 Proxidyne Sensors — any combination of buttons and other sensors — with one Proxidyne Receiver.

Technical Specifications

Interface Four Buttons
Security AES 128 encrypted communication channel
Network Connectivity Wireless communicates over Bluetooth 4.1
Power 2 AA batteries or USB 5V power
Battery Life Up to 1 year
Range Standard Range up to 150 ft, extendable to over 1 km using the Proxidyne Long Range Relay
Connector USB Type-A Mini connector for configuration and power
Mounting Includes two-screw mounting bracket