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Using the Proxidyne Long Range Relay and Bluetooth Detector, you can detect other Proxidyne sensors and 3rd party iBeacon sensors and transmit the detected information over 1 km! The Proxidyne Long Range Relay and Bluetooth Detector was built for solutions where long range is critical. Using two Proxidyne Long Range Relay and Bluetooth Detector (one connected to an embedded CPU like a Raspberry Pi as a receiver), you can detect sensors over large distances. If you are using a Proxidyne Sensor that uses Bluetooth, the Proxidyne Long Range Relay and Bluetooth Detector detects the signal using the built-in Bluetooth LE chipset and relays the signal over 915 Mhz LoRa back to the receiver. If you have iBeacon devices such as this (links) iBeacon lanyard, watch, or even an App, you can detect those signals as well and securely transmit them back to the receiver. The receiver outputs in easy to parse JSON and uniquely identifiers the Proxidyne Sensor or iBeacon as well as the state of the sensor (or Major / Minor number of the iBeacon packet).


  • Detect nearby iBeacon wearables or iBeacon signal from iOS/Android App
  • Attach small iBeacons to inventory to track location
  • Extend range of Proxidyne sensors up to 1 km
  • Secure communication using AES128 over 915 Mhz LoRa radio
  • Sample iOS App included
  • Detected devices in easy to parse JSON format
  • Software included (Python) included for easy integration with your project
    compatible with all Proxidyne Sensors


You must purchase at least two of these devices, one as a receiver. You may use up to 100 Proxidyne Sensors — any combination of buttons and other sensors — with the additional¬†Proxidyne Receiver.

Technical Specifications

Security AES 128 encrypted communication channel
Network Connectivity Detects nearby iBeacon over Bluetooth 4.1
Range Extend range of multiple nearby Proxidyne Sensors up to 1 km
Power USB 5V power
Antenna Internal 915 Mhz Antenna
Internal 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth Antenna
Upgrades Upgradeable firmware via USB
Connector USB Type-A Mini connector for configuration and power