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The Proxidyne Motion Sensor detects nearby motion and sends the detected activity notification to the Proxidyne Receiver. The Proxidyne Motion Sensor is battery powered with 2 AA batteries or can be AC powered with the included power supply. Using Passive Infrared technology, the Proxidyne Motion Sensor can easily be mounted anywhere to detect nearby motion. It works in all different lighting conditions and is a reliable way to detect nearby motion.


  • Remotely monitor movement in multiple locations
  • Detected Movement sent wirelessly over secured connection to Proxidyne Receiver
  • Detected motion output to receiver in easy to parse JSON format
  • Software included (Python) included for easy integration with your project
  • Detect momentary movement such as passing through a doorway
  • Use multiple Proxidyne Motion Sensors for different areas or rooms
  • Quick motion reset period of less than 1 sec to quickly detect changes
  • compatible with all Proxidyne Sensors

Technical Specifications

Security AES 128 encrypted communication channel
Network Connectivity Wireless communicates over Bluetooth 4.1
Power 2 AA batteries or USB 5V power
Battery Life Up to 1 year
Upgrades Upgradeable firmware via USB
Event Interval 1 second reset time between events
Sensor Type Based Panasonic Electric Works AMN33111 Optical Motion Sensor
Range Standard Range up to 150 ft, extendable to over 1 km using the Proxidyne Long Range Relay
Connector USB Type-A Mini connector for configuration and power
Mounting Includes two-screw mounting bracket