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Enable your Raspberry Pi to send and receive two-way radio audio message (MP3, AIFF, and others) with the Proxidyne Ritron Interface reaoard for Raspberry Pi. Hook up the interface board between your Raspberry Pi and your Ritron Radio (DTX+ or DTX LS Series) and you are ready to start sending and receiving audio right from your Raspberry Pi directly to nearby two way radios. The included software installs on the Raspberry Pi and gives you control over channel selection, Push-To-Talk (PTT), carrier detect, and more. Along with sending audio messages to nearby two-way radios, the Raspberry Pi can record conversations on the two-way radios and can detect when there is activity using carrier detect.

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The Proxidyne Ritron Interface Board for Raspberry Pi also features a wide variety of connections. The programming interface lets you program the Ritron radio without removing the interface board from the Ritron radio. The Raspberry Pi Interface connects the interface board directly to your Raspberry Pi with the provided ribbon cable. The audio jack (RJ-45) provides a easy interface to microphone input and speaker output. Depending on your application, the audio input and output can be from a separate device or directly from the Raspberry Pi (sound card required for microphone input). There is also an adjustment for audio output level. Inputs and outputs are optically isolated to prevent RF interference. There is also a 12V DC barrel connector and optional 12V power supply so providing power to the Ritron radio is easy.


  • Record / Transmit audio from Raspberry Pi to Business Class and other two-way radios
  • Software detection of clear channel
  • Software detection of Push-to-Talk
  • Ritron-compatible RJ-11 Connector
  • Raspberry Pi Software for controlling all operations


Raspberry Pi 3.

Technical Specifications

Audio Creation/Transmission Record / Transmit audio from Raspberry Pi to Business Class and other two-way radios
Clear Channel Detection Supported
Push to Talk Supported
Channels Select up to 8 channels
Radio Connection Ritron-compatible RJ-11 Connector; DB15 Connector for radio connection
Radio Operations Raspberry Pi software (Python) for controlling radio operations
Power 12 V Input
Quality Full Opto-isolation for cleaner audio
Ritron Models Supported DTX+ and DTX-LS