The Proxidyne Wearable iBeacon Starter Kit for Indigo Home Automation is a great way to get started with proximity based triggers in Indigo.  The kit includes:

  1. Wearable iBeacons (3)
  2. iBeacon Scanner (1)
  3. Bleunet Receiver(1) with security bracket and power supply.
  4. Bleunet plugin for Indigo Home Automation

When you receive the kit, the Wearable iBeacons, iBeacon Scanner, and Bleunet Receiver are all programmed and ready to go.  To get it working with your Indigo Home Automation system, follow these steps:

  1. Plug in the Bleunet Receiver to a USB port on the Mac that is running the Indigo software.
  2. Install the Bleunet plugin for Indigo Home Automation and enable it
  3. Configure the plugin by selecting the Bleunet receiver.  When activating the plugin, select Configure and select the serial port that starts with cu.usbmodem
  4. Click Save
  5. Create a new device of Type Bleunet and Model Beacon Detector:
  6. Click Edit Device Settings, and put in the Node ID on the label on the iBeacon Detector:
  7. Click Save.
  8. Create a new Trigger to trigger when the Wearable iBeacon arrives or departs:
  9. Give the trigger a name, and select Type as Device State Changed.  Select the device you set up in the previous section, and select which iBeacon to trigger on.  If you want to trigger on an enter event, select “Beacon X is nearby becomes true”.
  10. Click OK.

The Indigo plugin is now configured to detect your wearable iBeacons.

To further configure your iBeacon Detector, the Wearable iBeacons, or your Bleunet Receiver, see the following pages:

iBeacon Detector
Wearable iBeacons
Bleunet Receiver

You can adjust the power, frequency of the iBeacon broadcast, as well as the RSSI filter for the Bleunet Receiver. See the commands on above pages for details.

To purchase more wearable iBeacons or to get another starter kit, visit the proxidyne store.