Motion Sensor

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Proxidyne Motion Sensor detects motion and alerts staff when customers enter or dwell in the area of interest. Use the Motion Sensor for detecting traffic patterns and counting people.
Install the wireless Proxidyne Motion Sensor above a doorway, in an aisle, or anywhere you want to detect when customers or staff are nearby. The sensor will detect motion and report the activity back to the Proxidyne Bridge, which makes radio announcements and generates graphs and other analytics.


  • Easy Installation: Mounts with bracket (included), screws or zip-ties.
  • Wireless: Save time and money with easy installation without running any wires.
  • Long Life: Batteries last more than a year.
  • Secure: Uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption and PKI authentication security for communication.
  • Range: Up to 150 ft extensible with Proxidyne Repeater.
  • Compatible: Alert staff with announcements to existing radios or smart phones.
  • Trackable: Generate real-time analytics with the Proxidyne Platform.

Example Uses

Customer Service

Alert staff to customers that need assistance.

People Counting

Count the number of people entering and exiting an area.

Fitting Room

Detect which fitting rooms are occupied.

Loss Prevention

Alert staff to customer presence in high loss areas.

Technical Specifications

Network Connectivity Bluetooth LE
Power 2 AA Batteries or optional AC power
Battery Life More than 1 year
Security AES-128 Encryption
Proxidyne Bridge Compatibility Version 3.3 or later

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Product Sheet

Proxidyne Motion Sensor Product (v4.1): High ResSmall File