Take your idea to implementation with the Proxidyne iOT Starter Kit. The Starter Kit includes a wide range of sensor options such as a motion detector, button, switches, iBeacons and iOS apps to get you up and running fast. Whenever there is sensor activity, the node sends that activity back to the bridge over LoRA, a new iOT long range communications technology that gives your sensors a very large range (up to 15 km outdoors). So you can put sensors pretty much anywhere and you’ll see the changes immediate in the cloud.

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Apps, Beacons, Sensors & Node


The Proxidyne Starter Kit node is the edge device that connects up to the provided sensor inputs. The starter kit includes sensors inputs that hook up directly to the node (including motion sensor, push button, 4-input membrane button) or sensors that commuicate over Bluetooth (like an iPhone app or an iBeacon in a wearable device). Once the node detects a change in a sensor input, it is securely sent to the bridge over an encrypted encypted channel over LoRA. The node is powered by 5V USB Mini connector or by 4 AA batteries (up to 1 year).

Get a jump start on your next iOT project with the Proxidyne iOT Node.  The Proxidyne iOT Node is used to take input from buttons, sensors, smart phones, and other devices and communicate over long distances.   Using Long Range in the unlicensed 900 Mhz band (LoRA) in the US, the nodes can communicate over very long distances (up to 15 km).  Each node also has Bluetooth 4.1

Proxidyne Bridge
Proxidyne iOT Node
Bleu Station Beacon
Motion Sensor
Proxidyne Button

Bridge 2.0 Cutout with LED litBridge

The bridge takes sensor data from one or more nodes and sends them up to the Proxidyne Service. The bridge is AC powered and connects to the Proxidyne Service via any internet connection (Ethernet / WiFI). There is also an optional cellular modem and service for remote locations.

Proxidyne Cloud Service

cloudThe Proxidyne Service is a cloud-based service that gets sensor inputs in near real-time. Your sensor data is securely store in our cloud service, and you can get access to the data with our RESTful API. We are also integrating with many cloud services so your sensors inputs can trigger events in other cloud services as well. You can also see your bridge and nodes and see analytics on any sensor activity.

Cloud Integration


We continue to add new cloud integration so that you can send sensor activity to other cloud services or to notify your own cloud service. Our cloud service can notify your solution running on AWS, Windows Azure, or any other cloud platform. The Proxidyne Cloud can also do something as simple as update a Google Docs spreadsheet whenever a button is pressed or as complicated as populate a database for big data analytics. In fact, we have customers doing both.

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What’s Included in your Proxidyne iOT Starter Kit

 Item Description

Proxidyne Bridge


The Proxidyne Bridge is the gateway between the node and the cloud.  All the software you need is included on bridge.  The Proxidyne Bridge also includes a long range, LoRa-based, radio to communicate with the Proxidyne Node over long distances. The Proxidyne bridge communicates to the cloud over ethernet (internet service required), or optional cellular (modem and service required).
Proxidyne Node The Proxidyne Node is the endpoint of communication between the bridge and the action. The Node has multiple inputs and outputs, and communicates back to the Proxidyne bridge with a long range, LoRa-based radio. You can connect up any of the provided sensors, hook up your own, or detect smartphones or iBeacon-based wearables.  The Proxidyne node is powered by 4xAA batteries or via USB 5V power.
Series 100 Bleu Station Beacon As soon as the Series 100 Bleu Station iBeacon comes within range of the Proxidyne Node, the node communicates back to the bridge that it is in proximity.  When the iBeacon is out of proximity of the node, the Proxidyne node detects this and alerts the Proxidyne Cloud via the Proxidyne bridge.
Motion Sensor Input The Motion Sensor input is an advanced motion sensor that detects any nearby motion.  Connect it to the Proxidyne Node, and any nearby motion is sent to the Proxidyne cloud via the Proxidyne Bridge.
Single Input Button The single button is connected directly to the Proxidyne Node. Any press is sent to the Proxidyne cloud via the Proxidyne Bridge.
4-Input Button The 4-Input can be connected directly to the Proxidyne Node.   Any press is sent to the Proxidyne cloud via the Proxidyne Bridge, including which input was activated.
Proxidyne Cloud The Proxidyne Cloud Service is your gateway to the sensors.  You get 12 months of free service.  Account information is sent with the Starter Kit, and you can log in to see any sensor activity.  You can also trigger a webhook from the Proxidyne cloud to your cloud service, and query activity via our RESTful API.
Proxidyne Mobile SDK Trigger sensor alerts from your iOS or Android device to the Proxidyne Node via the Proxidyne Mobile SDK (coming soon).