Proxidyne Relay

Proxidyne Relay

Posted by on Mar 31, 2016

One of the products that makes the Proxidyne Sensor Network so powerful and easy to deploy is our Proxidyne Relay.  It connects to sensors in your environment and sends the data to the Proxidyne Bridge for analysis and automation. For example, if you have a pressure sensitive mat to detect if someone is waiting for assistance at a service desk, connect a Proxidyne Relay to that mat to wirelessly transmit that a customer is waiting to the Proxidyne Bridge which will alert your staff.   Using  Proxidyne Relay eliminates the cost of  running wires to each sensor, and gives you the flexibility to move your sensors where they are most effective.

Since the Proxidyne Relay uses Bluetooth instead of wifi, you don’t have to ask IT for access to your corporate store network, thereby avoiding related costs and delays.  Blue Relay operates for more than a year on 2 AAA batteries making it easy to install and painless to maintain.  It’s a simple two-step process to install a sensor: connect its dry-contact or USB connector to the Proxidyne Relay, and configure it easily in the Proxidyne Bridge management console.  Any organization can deploy with confidence because the Proxidyne Relay includes in its foundation our patent pending security system which keeps your customers’ and your own data secure from hacking and spoofing.

So how does it work?  The Proxidyne Relay support the industry standards for “dry contact” which operates like a simple electrical switch.  When a sensor opens or closes that switch, the Proxidyne Relay transmits an encrypted message to the Proxidyne Bridge which can then alert your associates and provide customer assistance in real-time.

Contact us today and find out how you can use Proxidyne Relay to alert associates to increase revenue.

The Internet of Things [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by on Mar 30, 2016

And older posting that I had not seen before, but very cool infographic from Cisco:

The Internet of Things [INFOGRAPHIC]:


Proxidyne Bridge

Proxidyne Bridge

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016

The heart of the Proxidyne Sensor Network is our Proxidyne Bridge, a remotely-managed appliance that installs on-premises in a retail store or warehouse where it coordinates the sensor network activity inside that venue.

Proxidyne Bridges acts as the brain for the system, receiving data from all of the sensors and buttons, analyzing that data and, when appropriate, triggering an action such as an announcement.  For example, when a sensor detects that someone needs assistance, this notification is sent wirelessly to the Proxidyne Bridge.  Proxidyne Bridge then applies rules and triggers announcements on the appropriate channels of your 2-way radios, or a message (SMS or Push) to an associate’s smart device.  Rules as to how to respond to sensor input are managed either  directly on the Proxidyne Bridge or, for multiple locations, managed in our cloud service.

And if you are rolling out curbside pickup or BOPIS, you can trigger an in-store notification of staff from your ecommerce backend to the Proxidyne Bridge in your store over your corporate network or through our cloud service.

Proxidyne Bridge does not require access to your in-store network, as it uses Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular and sub-GHz wireless to communicate with the sensors and to the Proxidyne cloud service.  So you can deploy Proxidyne Bridge today without provisioning your in-store network.  And if you want to communicate directly with the Proxidyne Bridge in-store, you can easily connect using WiFi or its built-in Ethernet port.

Check out Proxidyne Bridge today and let us know how we can help with your in-store notifications with Proxidyne Bridge.

How Retailers Will Survive In The Amazon Era

Posted by on Mar 28, 2016


Continued investment will also include enhancement of multi-channel offerings like pick-up-at-store and return-to-store. – Alex Berg,

How we shop today is undergoing a radical change. Stores, factories, hospitals and other facilities can leverage a building itself to anticipate the needs and expedite the delivery of solutions to customers, clients and employees.

Join Proxidyne at GlobalShop 2016

Join Proxidyne at GlobalShop 2016

Posted by on Mar 22, 2016

We hope to see you at the GlobalShop 2016 Conference this week, March 23-25, at the beautiful Mandalay Bay Convention Center in sunny Las Vegas, NV, where Proxidyne will exhibit our solutions for retail.

Please visit us at booth 3025 for hands-on experience with our solutions that improve BOPUS pick times, speed staff response time and make it easy for customers or staff to request assistance with the click of a button.

See how our latest solutions can help you and your organization achieve your goals with wireless sensors and automated staff dispatch.

And follow us on twitter at @proxidyne to see our updates from the show.

Announcing Proxidyne

Announcing Proxidyne

Posted by on Mar 22, 2016

I’d like to introduce you to Proxidyne, Inc., our newly renamed two-year-old company that creates and operates the Proxidyne Sensor Net (PS Net) platform for wireless sensor, automation and analytics.  PS Net serves customers in Retail, Conferences, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, Government and other institutions as well as SmartHomes, all of which benefit from sensor driven automation and optimization.  With PS Net, organizations can enlist their buildings and other infrastructure to respond to individuals’ needs as more sensors are deployed and as those sensors get cheaper, smaller, smarter and more connected.

Proxidyne tools manage and secure your network of sensors and sensor data, trigger automation to empower staffers, and capture data from which it extracts actionable analytics that help you understand and optimize your operations in real-time.

Our powerful line of proximity hardware and software solutions are installed across North America where they help our customers manage sensor-driven automation. We provide value to retail chains, manufacturing firms, and grocery chains to help retailers achieve success with BOPUS and curbside pickup, to manage customer interactions inside stores, and to optimize staff allocation.

For example:

  • When a customer arrives to pick up an online order, our sensor network detects the customer arrival and alerts the correct staff members via a 2-way radio announcement.
  • When a customer is shopping (dwelling) in a high margin aisle, our solution notifies staff to assist the customer.
  • In manufacturing, our solution monitors staff and heavy equipment alerting drivers and staff so they can avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  • Grocery store cashiers rely on our sensor network to automatically alert managers and other staff when assistance is needed to reduce wait time and increase revenue.

Check out our solutions, our products, or contact us to learn more.

Tim Perfitt
Co-Founder and CEO of Proxidyne