Customer Highlight: Furniture Dwell Detection

Customer Highlight: Furniture Dwell Detection

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016

A challenge for staff allocation is letting associates know when a customer needs assistance so they can close the sale.  A national chain is using Proxidyne Sensor Net to detect when customers in their furniture section dwell for more than 90 seconds so an associate can offer advice, provide options, and up-sell assembly and delivery.

Here is how it works. A wireless camera detects motion in the furniture section and reports the activity to our Proxidyne Bridge.  The Proxidyne Bridge analyzes the activity and determines if it is a customer that is dwelling in the area and alerts an associate over the 2-way radios in the store.  The associate then assists the customer and can close the sale.

The chain determined that the dwell detection and announcements dramatically increased their sales in the furniture section.

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Internet of Things (IoT) Market Ecosystem Map

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016

We are just getting started in IoT.

Some market perspective about the Internet of Things –

Internet of Things (IoT) Market Ecosystem Map:

“I wanted to gain a better understanding of the Internet of Things market and how all of the different players fit together. I created a map for myself, hopefully you will find it useful too.” – Chris McCann, Greylock Partners


“There are currently more devices connected to the internet than humans, and this is predicted to continue along an upward trend. It is estimated by 2020, 26 billion “things” will be connected to the internet.”


Optimize Staff Allocation & Efficiency

Posted by on Apr 13, 2016

Proxidyne Bridge + sensors + other inputs = staff where they are needed most.

Proxidyne helps you solve the perennial “Goldilocks Problem” of Staff Allocation with automated customer traffic analysis and automated staff dispatch.

First, Proxidyne continually measures customer traffic in your most important aisles and service points with wireless sensors and motion sensing cameras.

Then, Proxidyne crunches the numbers to give you visual summaries of customer traffic so you can schedule the right number of staff to properly serve the expected number of customers.  Our analytics show you the average number of customers throughout your store and trends based by aisle, service-point, store and region, by time of day, time of year, and more.

Next, Proxidyne’s automated dispatch alerts staff when customers are shopping in high-value aisles so staff can help customers buying your most valuable merchandise.

No phone or app required!  Proxidyne measures customers’ physical presence in your store using wireless sensors such as dwell detection cameras, pressure sensitive floor mats, and Proxidyne Button wireless call buttons.  Staff are discretely notified via their two-way radios or in-store handheld devices enabling them to assist customers precisely when they can have the most impact.

Prompt service by your trained staff increases revenue and upselling while decreasing abandonment and loss through theft.

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Customer Highlight: Unattended Area

Posted by on Apr 12, 2016

Recently, a hardware store chain wanted to automatically detect when a customer was waiting at a counter and alert the associates, but did not want to alert the associates when the clerk was already at the counter.  We installed Proxidyne Sensor Net with two motion detecting cameras, one over the area for the clerk and one over the area where customers would come up to the counter.  Both cameras reported their activity back to our Proxidyne Bridge, and it analyzed the data.  When the clerk was not at the counter for more than 45 seconds, and a customer arrived, the associates are automatically notified on their 2-way radios to return to the counter and assist the customer.

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Customer Highlight: Grocer Cashier Assist Call Buttons

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016

One of our customers just installed call buttons for their cashiers.  When any of the 4 call buttons at the cashier are pressed, Proxidyne Bridge plays a customized announcement over the staff’s 2-way radios.  The cashiers don’t need to leave their stations for assistance, and the person responsible is immediately notified via the 2-way radio. They don’t have to look for a flashing light, and the customers are not interrupted repeatedly with overhead announcements.

Here’s the’s finished button with optional customized pictogram printing:

4 button proxidyne button

Though they could assign the buttons any number of roles, the grocery store configured for: requesting change, alcohol sales assistance, price check, and manager needed.  With a speedy press of a button, cashiers can use the Proxidyne Button to request help from their co-workers.  Proxidyne Button communicates wirelessly to the Proxidyne Bridge which broadcasts to the 2-way radios or staff mobile apps a custom audio message specific to each button.  Installation is painless and quick because the solution does not require network access or other integration with IT. So the buttons can be operational the same day the installation starts. Proxidyne Button’s power source, two AA batteries, lasts over a year with normal usage.

Anytime the grocery management wants to change or update their announcement, they can adjust it immediately on the Proxidyne Bridge by selecting a different announcement or uploading a new .WAV sound file.

The Proxidyne Bridge tracks the date and time of every button press and generates a report informing management of the frequency of each request by cashier, aisle and store.  Managers can use this data to improve cashier support, training and efficiency.

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Reduce Checkout Lines with Proxidyne

Posted by on Apr 8, 2016

Proxidyne Bridge shortens checkout lines.

Don’t make your customers wait to complete their purchases.

Proxidyne’s Sensor Net, (PS Net) detects when checkout lines are getting too long and automatically notifies staff via existing 2-way radios, overhead pages, digital signage, or right to their handhelds.  The PS Net uses dwell-detecting cameras, pressure mats, and other sensors to detect long checkout lines and notifies the appropriate staff to assist with checkout.  This improves customers’ satisfaction and reduces abandoned carts–the telltale sign of frustrated customers.

You’ll also get actionable data to determine how each store is performing and how performance compares to the same day of the week, week over week, or year over year.  And since the data you get is real time, you can have insights into store operations right when you need them.

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Retailers’ Buy Online Pickup In Store Strategy Isn’t Working – Fortune

Posted by on Apr 7, 2016

The Fortune article points to failures in fulfilling BOPIS orders as a source of customer dissatisfaction.


The study looked at over 1,000 online shoppers in the U.S. and found that 35% of those customers opted to use a buy online, pickup in store option. Of those people, 50% dealt with problems related to getting their items.

Turns out that the last part of BOPIS is hard.  That is what we are solving with Proximity Sensor Net.


Customer Highlight: Pressure Mats in Watch Area

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016

One of our customers was having an issue with losses in a section that stocked wrist watches.  When a customer was dwelling in front of the watch display they wanted to alert staff to either assist the customer or by their awareness, to reduce loss.  We installed a pressure sensitive mat that triggered our Proxidyne Relay when a customer stood on it and a secure message was sent to the Proxidyne Bridge.  The Proxidyne Bridge determined if the customer was dwelling for long enough, and alerted the associates to monitor the customer.

Soon after deploying the system, loss prevention received an announcement over their 2-way radios that a customer was dwelling at the wrist watch area.  Security watched the customer and noticed that the customer was hiding wrist watches in their jacket in an attempt to steal the merchandise.  Proxidyne’s Sensor Net improved customer service and reduced loss.

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Reduce pick times for Buy Online, Pick up in-Store

Reduce pick times for Buy Online, Pick up in-Store

Posted by on Apr 5, 2016

Are you struggling to reduce pick time and increase revenue using Buy Online, Pick up in Store (BOPIS)?

Check out the Proxidyne solution that automatically and discreetly alerts staff when an order is placed and when the customer arrives to pick up the order.

It works like this: when an order is placed on your online store, our in-store Proxidyne Bridge automatically notifies staff over existing 2-way radios, overhead signs, overhead pager, or right to their handheld device.  The staff can then immediately pick the order and set it aside for customer pick up, preventing delays and avoiding potential “out of stock” of the purchased item.

When the customer arrives, the Proxidyne Sensor Net will detect the customer and notify staff that the BOPIS customer has arrived for pick up.  The Proxidyne Sensor Net uses a combination of Bluetooth Beacons, motion detecting cameras, wireless call buttons, and other sensors to make sure that your customer orders are complete to grow sales and reduce pick times.

You will also get actionable data so you can see how each store is performing based on key metrics you define.  You can compare different stores, time of day, day of week, day of year, and many other metrics.  You can even view the data in real-time, so you will know how BOPIS is performing up to the minute, and can have confidence of a successful BOPIS implementation.

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Large Call Button Now Available

Large Call Button Now Available

Posted by on Apr 4, 2016

We have just released a large version of our Proxidyne Button, the Large Proxidyne Button. There is a nice large area where customers can put their own marketing material on it, and the button itself lights up when customers press it.  The button has a great feel to it, and comes in a variety of colors (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green).

When a customer presses the button, it lights and sends a secure message back to the Proxidyne Bridge, which alerts the staff with a pre-recorded message over their 2-way radios, smart phone app or via text notification to their handheld devices.  When the staff goes to assist the customer, the associate does a long press on the button to acknowledge the request for help and to turn off the button flashing.  This information is securely sent to the Proxidyne Bridge so that you can review the number of customer requests, the fastest/slowest/average response time, and many other helpful analytics that you can use to improve operations.

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