100,000 Cashier Button Presses!

Posted by on Mar 1, 2017
100,000 Cashier Button Presses!

One of the grocery store chains that use the Proxidyne Cashier button solution just passed 100,000 button presses!  Each time a cashier presses a button, an announcement is sent to the front end manager’s two-way radio, smart device or WiFi communicator, alerting them of the specific needs of a cashier such as “change needed, register nine”.  The button press event is also sent up to the Proxidyne Dashboard so the customer and the dealer can monitor staff usage, customer traffic and effectiveness of the system.  For example, you can see usage aggregated by day of week:

Or by how often each button was used:

The solution even monitors the battery level of every wireless button or sensor in each store in real-time.  Since the Cashier buttons securely communicate wirelessly back to our Dashboard, retailers and their service providers can monitor the battery level of each button and sensor and even view the historical data so they know when to change batteries which last for more than a year in most cases:

The Cashier button is just one of the sensors retailers can use with the Proxidyne solution.  Check out our Motion sensor to see how you can detect when customers are shopping in a specific aisle and dispatch a staff person to provide customer service.  Prompt attention increases sales, improves customer satisfaction and reduces theft as well!

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