Frequently Asked Questions on Bleu Station Beacons that meet Apple’s iBeacon specification

April 29, 2017

Q – Price and lead times for 10, 100 or 1000 units

A – Prices are posted on our web store FOB Chicago, IL, USA

Q – What is the warranty?
A – Our products are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for 1 year from the date of purchase

Q -What are the steps of transmit power
A – [0 to 15 level (16 steps) (range from 1m to 50m)

Q – What are the values and steps of advertisement interval
A – Advertising interval is fixed at 100ms to meet Apple’s iBeacon specification. For OEM uses where we agree that the requirements differ than the iBeacon spec, we can enable you to set any frequency that meets your requirements which you would specific in milliseconds.

Q – Are your beacons secured with a password?
A – Yes, all of our beacons are locked with a password and all communication secured over secured over BT pairing (an encrypted tunnel).

Q – For bulk quantities,. can we receive the beacons pre-configured with our UUID, minor and major, Advertising interval and password?
A – Yes, we can pre-configure defaults. We recommend that you use our Mac application to configure these settings yourself by simply plugging the beacon into a USB port and waiting 6 seconds for the configuration to be written and then repeated for the next beacon. This will give you the most control and responsiveness.

Q – Can we add our logo in the beacon? What is the price?
A – Yes, for the Series 200. The cost depends on how you want to logo applied. Do you want a sticker, paint, embossed or added to the mold for the plastic shell?

Q -Can we add different sensors onto the beacon?
A – Yes, please share your requirements.

Q – Where do you manufacture your beacons?
A – We assemble our beacon in the USA from components imported from the EU and China.

Q – Do you sell USB power adaptor for European-style power plugs?
A – We can do this but recommend that you source them yourselves to keep shipping costs low.

Q -We would like to develop an application so we would like to know if we have any issue you can support us.
A – Yes, we support developers using our beacons.  Visit our Developer page for more information.

Q – I would like to know if you have any model for outside sites.
A – If you mean weather proof and battery powered, yes, we have a model for that which is sealed against water and uses two (2) D-batteries for long battery life. This unit may only be ordered in quantities of 500 or more.  Pricing available on request.