Keychain Beacon Configuration

January 9, 2018

To configure a series 400 Keychain Beacon:

  1. Download Bleu Setup for the iOS app store.
  2. Launch Bleu Setup on your iOS device.
  3. Press and hold the button the Series 400 Beacon.  The button is at the center of the logo on the beacon. Hold until a red LED appears in the upper left side of the Proxidyne logo.
  4. The Series 400 will appear in the list in Bleu Setup. Tap the item in the list.
  5. When prompted for authentication, enter the default password of “qwerty123”.
  6. When prompted to pair, press Pair.
  7. Tap on any of the settings and make changes as needed.
  8. When you are done making changes, click Save.

The following describes the different setting values:

  • Name: The name of the series 400.  Only used when displaying the name in Bleu Setup.
  • Admin Time: The number of seconds after pressing the button on the series 400 before it automatically goes back to beacon mode.  You must connect within Bleu Setup within this time.
  • Mac Address (read only): The MAC Address of the Bluetooth radio.
  • Firmware Version (read only): The version of the firmware.
  • Hardware Version (read only): The version of the hardware.
  • Change Password: Change the admin password. You must enter in your prior password and new password.
  • UUID: The iBeacon UUID
  • Major Number: The iBeacon Major number.  0 to 65535.
  • Minor Number: The iBeacon Minor number.  0 to 65535.
  • Power: The transmit power for the Bluetooth radio.  0 to 8.
  • Advertise Rate: The amount of time that an iBeacon packet is sent when broadcasting.  100ms (10 times per second) to 1000ms (10 seconds)
  • Broadcast Time: The total time that iBeacon packets will be sent when the button is pressed.  A value of 0 will cause the Series 400 to broadcast continually.  0 to 15 seconds.

Battery Replacement

The Series 400 uses a 2032 Lithium battery.  To replace the battery, open the Series 400 by separating the front and back covers at the notch under the hole for the keychain: