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Bleunet Sensors for Indigo Home Automation

  All of the Bleunet sensors are now available for Indigo Home Automation.  Using the Bleunet Indigo Plugin on Github, you can quickly get up and running with all of our input devices, including our buttons, motion sensors, iBeacon detectors and more. Proxidyne Compact Four-Input Button The small four input button is way to easily activate […]


Proxidyne has a full range of iBeacon-compatible hardware, software, and SDKs. If you are looking for AC powered beacon or battery-powered beacons, we have you covered. We also create custom beacon and bluetooth devices based on your specific needs.

Ritron Interface Board

Enable your Raspberry Pi to send and receive two-way radio audio message (MP3, AIFF, and others) with the Proxidyne Ritron Interface Board for Raspberry Pi.


Proxidyne Annunciator plays one of five different recorded messages when remotely triggered alert customers and staff of important information. Use Annunciator for loss prevention and flow control.

Long Range Relay and Bluetooth Detector

Using the Proxidyne Long Range Relay and Bluetooth Detector, you can detect other Proxidyne sensors and 3rd party iBeacon sensors and transmit the detected information over 1 km!

Single-Button Sensor

Our Single-Button Sensor is a wireless call button with a single input so you can add remote control to your next project.

Survey Button

The Proxidyne Survey Button is an easy way to integrate a survey into your embedded computer solution.
cashier button

Four-Button Sensor

Our Four-Button Sensor is wireless call button with 4 inputs so you can add remote control to your next project.

Motion Sensor

The Proxidyne Motion Sensor detects nearby motion and sends the detected activity notification to the Proxidyne Receiver.


The Proxidyne Receiver connects into a USB port and alerts the connected device of any activity from nearby Proxidyne sensors.