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Bleu Station Printer Beacons

Walk up to any printer with your iPad and discover the printer instantly with Bleu Station Printer Beacons. Bleu Station Printer Beacons are USB/AC powered beacons that broadcast printer discovery to nearby iOS devices over Bluetooth.

Bleu Station Series 100

Bleu Station Beacons Series 100 Beacons are tiny USB powered beacons. Even though they are surprisingly small, they are a fully featured beacon. Beacon-enable any device that has a USB port, or plug them into the included power adapter and the beacon will broadcasting indefinitely. No batteries required.

Bleu Station Series 200

Bleu Station Series 200 Beacons are USB powered beacons powered by any USB port or with the included USB power adapter. The Series 200 beacon features an LED indicator so you know exactly the state of the beacon, a reset switch, and the ability to upgrade the firmware over the air. All of this adds up to reduced deployment and support costs and greater peace of mind.

Bleu Station Series 350

Bleu Station Beacons Series 350 Beacons are industrial strength beacons for a wide range of deployment scenarios. Packed with long lasting batteries and tons of physical security features, this is the battery-powered beacon built to last.

Trusted Beacon

Trusted Beacon™ is a beacon that can’t be impersonated, or spoofed. It uses a digital signature of standard beacon information so that your app and your solution can trust that it actually came from beacons that you deployed. Since only the beacon can create this signature, your app can trust the beacon.

Using Bleu Station Beacons With Casper Suite

Casper Suite 9.5 Introduced the ability to activate workflows based on proximity to iBeacon devices. Bleu Stations from Twocanoes Labs are an iBeacon-enabled device that works great with Casper Suite 9.5. Using the free Bleu JSS setup iOS app, an administrator can define iBeacons in the Casper Suite JSS, and then easily set up the physical beacons in their environment. This document outlines this process.

Beacons 101

Want to know more about iBeacons? This handy chart explains what iBeacons are and how they can help you.

Managing macOS Printers with iBeacons and Casper Suite

Printers continue to be a big driver of IT support costs, but iBeacon technology can help reduce help requests and increase user satisfaction. The Casper Suite 9.5 introduced iBeacon support for both OS X and iOS, and we have been working hard at Twocanoes Labs to make sure that our hardware and software work great with their management suite.