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Optimize staffing and marketing by counting the number of customers (footfalls) that walk through the doors and aisles in your stores! By observing changes in the number of customers by hour of the day, day of the week and after your marketing team starts a new campaign, you’ll be armed with the facts that you need to make decisions and optimize your efforts.


  • Count customers entering and exiting doors and aisles automatically
  • Compare customer counts over time and between locations
  • Generate graphics to help visualize and present the activity
  • Setup and integrate easily
  • Customize with optional announcements via 2way radio or smart device
  • Expand to add other measurements and sales boosting workflows
  • Add sensors including call buttons, pressure mats, or motion detection
  • Monitor and manage remotely via central Dashboard
  • Avoid PCI and IT concerns with a completely independent solution


  • Optimize staff levels to match peak customer counts by store and aisle
  • Adjust marketing programs based on continuously measured counts
  • Predict customer traffic based on latest measurements
  • Eliminate guessing and estimating
  • Eliminate tedious job of counting by hand

Improve Staff Allocation

Optimize staff levels to match customer counts

Allocate staff to higher trafficked departments or aisles

Improve Customer Service

Plan for sufficient staff to be responsive to customers

Reduce abandonment resulting from long lines and occupied staff

Measure Impact of Marketing

Measure precisely how many more customers visit when a marketing campaign begins

Compare impact on foot traffic to cash register receipts to learn bottom line value of choice of messages and media

 RSVP for Demo Schedule a 5-Minute Assessment

Product Sheets PDFs

Proxidyne Platform Product Line (v4.2.1): High ResSmall File
Proxidyne Dashboard (v4.0): High ResSmall File
Proxidyne Bridge Product (v4.1.1): High ResSmall File
Proxidyne Motion Sensor Product (v4.1): High Res, Small File