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Actionable Analytics

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People counting

Get answer to questions like…

  • How many customers enter the store each day?
  • What is the breakdown of customers by hour?
  • How many people pass through the electronic department each day?
  • How long do customers linger in the handbag department?

Customer Service

Get the 10,000 foot view…

  • Compare response times across locations
  • See how customer survey results compare from store to store
  • Analyze the length of time staff spends at their cash registers and service desks
  • Set attainable goals for BOPIS pick-time improvements
  • Let customers know the average time it takes a pick-ticket item to be brought to the register

Drill down to the store or sensor level…

  • Improve staff allocation by noticing patterns in the need for customer service
  • Measure customer service improvements after action is taken
  • Learn how customers feel with non-intrusive survey buttons

Marketing and Sales

Download our data to compare it with your sales and marketing campaigns. We are willing to work with you to export your data in a format that best suits your needs.

Proxidyne Bridge tracks all local activities in a database and simultaneously uploads those activity records to the Proxidyne Dashboard which provides access to analytics for any store or group of stores. Proxidyne provides built-in analytics, custom built analytics, download in a range of formats and APIs for continual access to the collected data.

Built-in Analytics for All Supported Inputs and Devices

  • API Calls
  • Proxidyne Buttons with 1, 2, 3, or 4 inputs
  • Proxidyne Relays with 3rd Party Dry Contact Devices such as pressure sensitive
  • mats
  • Proxidyne IR Motion Sensors (IR sensors)*
  • 3rd Party Motion Sensing Cameras
  • For All Devices, for User Selected Dates:
  • Activity By Hour of the Day & Day of the Week
  • Events By Hour of the Day & Day of the Week

* Note that there may be activity when a customer walks down an aisle but there will only be an event if they dwell for the time configured for that sensor.

Additional analytics for Proxidyne Sensors

Customer Service Buttons

  • Average response time
  • Number of calls ignored

Pick Ticket Buttons

  • Average time to move the item to the checkout counter
  • Number of items sold
  • Number of returned to shelf

Cashier Buttons

We offer custom inputs for our cashier buttons. Your analytics will reflect your customization.

  • Counts per input
  • Time distribution of pushes per input
  • Average response time per input
  • Number of calls ignored per input

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Product and Solution Sheets

Proxidyne Platform Product Line (v4.2.1): High ResSmall File
Proxidyne Dashboard (v4.0): High ResSmall File
Proxidyne Bridge Product (v4.1.1): High ResSmall File
Proxidyne Motion Sensor Product (v4.1): High Res, Small File