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Proxidyne Bridge monitors unstaffed areas

Increase staff allocation and reduce loss by using Proxidyne Platform to notify floor associates when customers arrive in unstaffed areas.  Notifications are sent to existing two-way radios or handhelds resulting in quick response and without overhead announcements. Proxidyne Platform provides accurate and customizable dwell detection so your staff is only notified when needed.

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  • Announce the order directly your floor staff using your existing two-way radios or handhelds
  • Easy integration and setup
  • Customizable with tones, announcements
  • Expandable with sensors including call buttons, pressure mats, motion cameras


Increased Revenue

Close a sale right when the customer needs assistance.

Reduced Loss

Quickly dispatch associates to areas of high loss or high value to reduce loss.

Improve Staff Allocation

Increase staff effectiveness by alerting when customer enters area.

Improve Customer Service

Help customers right when they request help.

RSVP for Demo Schedule a 5-Minute Assessment

Solution Sheet

Proxidyne Unstaffed Areas Solution (v4.1.1): High ResSmall File