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The Wireless Grocer Cashier Call Button System allows cashiers to easily request help so that they can keep working. To request assistance, they just touch one of several labeled buttons which communicates a specific request such as “change needed” or “price check”.

Bleu Button 4-button with customizable button imagesThe Proxidyne solution then broadcasts the request by playing a recorded announcement on the staff’s two-way radios, smartphones, or tablets so the cashier can continue to checkout the customer while their request is handled. Requests are targeted to the team members who can best assist with the specific request.

Speed checkout lines

Using the Proxidyne Cashier Call Button System, cashiers request help over two-way radios with a touch of a button, reducing checkout times, shortening lines and increasing customer satisfaction.

Eliminate cost & hassle of broken or lost pagers

Use call buttons that announce cashier assistance messages on your staff’s 2way radios eliminating the need to carry both a radio and a pager.  Your staff and your CFO will thank you.

pushradioModernize your Cashier Call Buttons

Using the Proxidyne Cashier Call Button System, cashiers request help over two-way radios with a touch of a button.  Realtime analytics are available immediately from a centralized dashboard.

Cashiers request help directly to two-way radios

Using the Proxidyne Cashier Call Button System, cashiers request help to two-way radios with a touch of a button. Buttons are customized with messages such as “change needed” or “price check”.

Save money & speed front end assistance

Maximize the productivity of your cashiers & runners with a Cashier call button solution from Proxidyne.  Easy to use buttons broadcast requests and lane #s to the runners’ 2way radio.


Proxidyne Cashier Buttons are installed at each cash register and connect wirelessly to the Proxidyne Bridge appliance. As with all Proxidyne buttons and sensors, the Cashier Button connects at a range of up to 1/4 mile with the Sub Ghz option or up to 250 feet with the Bluetooth option. The button can be powered either through the mini-USB port or via 2 AA Batteries which delivers a battery life of 1 year. The Cashier Button installs easily with a mounting bracket (included) to any surface using a velcro strap for poles, adhesive for metal or plastic and screws for wood or wallboard. The labels or pictograms on the button face can be custom printed to fit the needs of any retail requirement.bridge_right_cutout_blueled


The Proxidyne Bridge is an appliance that generates the announcements, records usage data and communicates with the central Proxidyne Dashboard management and analytics console. The analytics capabilities include an array of customizable reports such as those that compare button usage and response time amongst stores and different days of the week. These analytics help retail managers learn how well their staff members are supporting each other and identify where training is needed.

Customers and/or their integrators manage the Proxidyne Cashier Button with the web accessible Proxidyne Dashboard which also provides analytics for buttons and other Proxidyne or 3rd party sensors. For example, use the Dashboard tbutton-presseso upload recorded announcements in digital audio formats such as mp3 & wav and assign them to the Cashier button and other buttons.

Settings are then communicated to groups of Bridges operating in locations with the same requirements making it easy to administer buttons and sensors for any size retail operator.


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Solution Sheet

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