Optimize Staff Response With Proxidyne Wearable iBeacon

May 16, 2017

Automatically track staff response time with a Wearable RF Beacon; no app or phone required; measure responsiveness & optimize training & staffing levels

Naperville, IL – 16-May-2017 – IoT pioneer Proxidyne today released its Detector for Wearable iBeacon Starter Kit that helps businesses track and optimize staff responsiveness to customer requests. The Kit is available immediately from authorized resellers. This next generation Beacon Detector allows businesses such as retail and others to automatically track the responsiveness of staff whose arrival is broadcast by a small, wearable iBeacon in their pocket or on their keyring. Knowing response time allows Store Operations and Loss Prevention professionals to validate and manage their staffing plans allowing them to maximize sales and optimize staffing levels. The Kit includes 3 Wearable iBeacon transmitters with a keychain clip, a USB-powered iBeacon Detector and a USB-compatible Receiver that plugs into most computer systems running Windows, macOS, Linux and standalone automation controllers or optional Proxidyne Platform solution.

proxidyne ibeacon detector starter kit

Proxidyne engineered the Detector Kit to be easy to setup and use. The keychain iBeacon transmitters attach to a keychain or fit easily in a pocket or belt clip. The iBeacon Detector installs in any AC or USB power source in the area to monitor, and the USB Receiver installs in the computer system.

Whenever a wearable iBeacon transmitter enters or departs the detection range of the Beacon Detector, the staff arrival or departure is recorded for analysis in the Proxidyne Dashboard.

For example, department stores can track the response time to customer call buttons or alerts from high-value aisles or counters. Stores that are implementing in-store pickup for online orders can track the time from when a customer arrives in the store until the time that their purchases are delivered.

The response time data is aggregated in the Proxidyne Dashboard and presented in easy to read timelines and other visualizations that make it easy to understand behaviour and increase staffing or training to optimize the results.

The Wearable iBeacon Detector Starter Kit is available today for purchase. The Starter Kit is $149 from the Proxidyne online store or from any authorized Proxidyne reseller.

For more information on the Detector for Wearable iBeacon Starter Kit, visit the Proxidyne website or contact info@proxidyne.com.