Naperville, IL – Proxidyne today unveiled Proxidyne Platform v4.0, the enhanced version that adds Proxidyne Dashboard, a central management console for the firm’s distributed wireless sensor solution. Requested by the firm’s customers in retail, manufacturing and other industries, Dashboard provides a graphical view of all activity with the capability to drill down into detail from individual stores and sensors. Data is accumulated from all locations and presented as aggregated analytics providing powerful insights that inform actions by operations professionals. Dashboard also configures individual sensors and groups of sensors to speed the administration of large numbers of locations and sensors.

The Proxidyne Platform 4 is available immediately to new and existing customers with active service contracts and can be remotely installed.

analytics-screen-shot-235x171“Our Proxidyne Platform has been helping our retail customers make money by improving customer service with automated staff dispatch for more than a year,” said Proxidyne Co-Founder & CEO Tim Perfitt. “With the latest release, we’ve added the widely requested central management of the on-premises Bridge appliance, which helps our customers achieve their business goals more efficiently.”

Dashboard simplifies the configuration of installation of new Bridges which connect automatically and securely to the management system authenticating with X.509 certificates before downloading their configuration. Once installed, Bridges maintain regular communication with Dashboard uploading activity data and downloading configuration, policy and software updates.proxidyne-dashboard-bridges-v4

Proxidyne Dashboard

Dashboard presents a high-level graphical view of the activity from all of a firm’s sensors and locations enabling operations managers to instantly visualize the status of and activity detected by their organization’s network of sensors. Managers can adjust the selection criteria to view data across a custom time period and selection of locations and sensors. By clicking on the graphics, they can refine their selection so that they can visualize clearly the activity that will help them act to improve

About Proxidyne, Inc

Proxidyne creates and operates an IoT platform for wireless sensor management, monitoring and analytics. Proxidyne serves customers in the retail, manufacturing, and education markets through its authorized resellers. Proxidyne creates hardware and software that connects sensors, buttons and mobile apps to its centralized platform so that businesses, governments and other institutions can understand and react to the behaviour of customers and equipment on a global scale. Proxidyne’s headquarters are located in Naperville, IL. Proxidyne is a registered trademark of Proxidyne, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.