Proxidyne Releases IoT Sensor Management Platform

April 18, 2017

Proxidyne releases an IoT Sensor Management Platform, an online service and LoRA network to manage IoT sensors from anywhere.

Naperville, Illinois – To help companies manage the billions of internet-connected devices expected by 2020, Proxidyne is releasing the Proxidyne Dashboard. Focusing on the Retail market, the Proxidyne Dashboard manages Proxidyne sensors and a range of third-party sensors. Proxidyne Dashboard collects information from sensors through the Proxidyne Bridge, an internet-enabled hub. The bridge communicates to sensors using LoRA, a long range network technology and has a range of 10 miles for outdoor sensors and a range of 1/4 mile for indoor sensors. A single bridge can communicate with sensors in locations over 300,000 sq ft, allowing all the sensors to be securely managed from the Proxidyne Dashboard from any location with an internet connection.

Proxidyne has successfully completed trials in multiple national chains, and began rolling out its solution in Fall 2016. “Whether it is a retail chain starting a curbside pickup program or an manufacturing plant monitoring an assembly line motor’s heat,” says Timothy Perfitt, CEO of Proxidyne, “the Proxidyne Dashboard and Proxidyne Sensors provide the large-scale management needed as enterprises roll out IoT sensors.”

Proxidyne offers their own line of proximity sensors, including the Proxidyne Call Button, Proxidyne Motion Sensor, Proxidyne Beacon, and the Proxidyne Dry Contact Relays for connecting 3rd party sensors. All sensors communicate securely to the Proxidyne Bridge, and customers can immediately start a trial with the Proxidyne Starter Kit, available today.

To find out more about the Proxidyne Dashboard, the Proxidyne Starter Kit, Proxidyne sensors or to start a trial today, contact Proxidyne at

About Proxidyne, Inc.

Proxidyne creates and operates an IoT platform for wireless sensor management, monitoring, and analytics. Proxidyne serves customers in the retail, manufacturing, and education markets through its authorized resellers. Proxidyne creates hardware and software that connects sensors, buttons and mobile apps to its centralized platform so that businesses, governments, and other institutions can understand and react to the behavior of customers and equipment on a global scale. Proxidyne’s headquarters are located in Naperville, IL. Proxidyne is a registered trademark of Proxidyne, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.