Proxidyne Upgrades Analytics & Adds In-Aisle Annunciator at NRF 2017 Booth 1237

January 12, 2017

New York, NY

IoT pioneer Proxidyne today released an upgraded suite of in-store analytics and a new in-aisle Annunciator at The National Retail Federation Big Show (NRF 17). Both are available immediately to current Proxidyne customers and to new customers via authorized resellers.

With Proxidyne, retail professionals no longer have to wait for someone else to create in-store analytics reports as they can use the Proxidyne Dashboard to instantly generate reports that answer their important questions about customer activity. Proxidyne has added additional analyses and visualizations, more selection criteria and an option to automatically receive reports by email at select intervals. The new capabilities allow retail professionals to easily and automatically generate the reports that they need to run their businesses. All of the sensor data collected by Proxidyne may be included in other analytics tools via an easy export option or secure API access for continuous reporting.

For the first time, Proxidyne will demonstrate its new in-aisle Annunciator that plays a recorded message to customers in the aisle when triggered by customer activity detected by in-aisle sensors or buttons. Retailers install the easy-to-configure Annunciator in aisles and at counters where timely announcements reduce loss and improve customer service. The Annunciator works with the other components of the Proxidyne Platform and connects by wireless Bluetooth to the Proxidyne Bridge controller.

Proxidyne in-aisle Annunciator

“Make sure to stop by our booth 1237 at NRF to see how Proxidyne helps retailers benefit from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to provide in-store automation, collect massive amounts of sensor data and view real-time analytics visualizing that data,” said Timothy Perfitt, CEO. ”With our Proxidyne Platform, retailers can choose from a range of wireless devices such as motion sensors, pressure sensitive mats, call buttons and customer survey devices.”