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The iBeacon device can be a keyfob on your keychain, an iBeacon lanyard, or even a small iBeacon card in your wallet.  The iBeacon detector will detect the iBeacon that is configured for a specific iBeacon UUID and major number, and will update the state based on the iBeacon minor number. Each iBeacon detector has a unique identifier that is communicated back to the receiver so you’ll know where each wearable beacons is.


The iBeacon detector can trigger events based on proximity of nearby iBeacon devices.

The iBeacon Detector is AC powered and can detect iBeacons up to 150 ft.  The iBeacon Detector can be configured to only change state when the signal strength from the iBeacon wearable is above a certain threshold (RSSI value) so you can limit actions to taking place only within a certain range.  Requires a Bleu USB Receiver plugged in to the Indigo server.

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The Proxidyne iBeacon Detector is a bluetooth device, powered by AC power supply, that detects nearby Bluetooth devices that are advertising iBeacon packets.  iBeacon packets contain 3 identifiers: UUID, Major, and Minor number.  The Proxidyne iBeacon Detector scans for any iBeacon packets that match a pre-configured UUID and Major number, and sends the minor number to the Bleunet receiver.  The iBeacon Detector encodes the minor numbers that are discovered during the scanning and sends all discovered iBeacon minor numbers at the same time.  Since minor numbers can range from 0-65535, the discovered iBeacon minor numbers are sent in groups to the Proxidyne Bleuenet Receiver.

By default, the iBeacon Detector has the default settings:

symmetry key : 51776572747975696f70617364666768
iBeacon UUID: E2C56DB5DFFB48D2B060D0F5A71096E0
iBeacon Major: 0

The iBeacon Detector uses the symmetric key to encrypt traffic between the iBeacon Detector and the receiver.  All devices on Bleunet network must share the same symmetric key.

In order to run the commands, you must connect the iBeacon detector to a USB port on a Mac, PC, or other device that communicate with USB as a serial device.  For example, on a Mac, you can use the “screen” command to communicate with the iBeacon Detector. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the iBeacon Detector from the security bracket and power supply but removing the single screw.
  2. Plug in the iBeacon Detector into a USB port
  3. In terminal, use “ls” to discover the serial device:
    ls /dev/cu.usbmodem*
    The output should be something like this:/dev/cu.usbmodem1421
  4. Use the screen command to connect:
    screen /dev/cu.usbmodem1421
  5. Press enter, and you’ll get an error (the error just means it didn’t understand a blank line):
  6. Enter in the commands below as JSON.  For example, to set the UUID that is scanned:
  7. If the command is successful, you’ll get this response:


{"read":"serial_id"}{"serial_id":"A1B2C3D4E5F6"}Returns the UID of the device
{"read":"fw_version"}{"version":"3.3.0_RC1"}Returns the firmware version number
{"read":"api_version"}{"version":"1.0.0_RC1"}Returns the JSON API version number
{"read":"node"}{"node":"255"}Returns the node number
{"read":"lane"}{"lane":"7"}Returns the lane number
{"read":"mode"}{"mode":"button"},{"mode":"dc"},{"mode":"pir"}Returns the current mode of the device
{"read":"ibeacon_interval"}Returns the ibeacon minimum reporting interval in seconds
{"read":"ibeacon_max_delay"}Returns the ibeacon maximum reporting delay in units of the minimum reporting interval
{"read":"ibeacon_rssi_thresh"}Returns the ibeacon RSSI packet threshold in units of dBm
{"reset":"main"}Resets the device into application mode
{"reset":"boot"}Reset the device into boot mode for programming
{"sesskey":"isLoaded"}{"sesskey":"yes"} , {"sesskey":"no"}Check if device has been assigned a session key
{"sesskey":"erase"}{"sesskey":"erase_success"} , {"sesskey":"erase_failed"}Erase session key
{"write_sesskey":"51776572747975696f70617364666768"}{"sesskey":"51776572747975696f70617364666768"}Write new session key
{"provision":"20c38f9018f5","lane":"1","node":"3"}{"provision":"success"}Provision a Bleunet device and assign it a lane and node number
{"set_node":"3"}Changes the node number of the device
{"set_lane":"9"}Changes the lane number of the device
{"set_ibeacon_uuid_key":"e2c56db5dffb48d2b060d0f5a71096e9"}Changes the iBeacon UID filter value
{"set_ibeacon_major_key":"9"}Changes the iBeacon Major number filter value
{"set_ibeacon_report_interval":"2"}Changes the ibeacon asset reporting interval. Units of seconds, [1,300]
{"set_ibeacon_report_max_delay":"10"}Changes the ibeacon asset reporting maximum intervals after which it must report. [1,65535]
{"set_ibeacon_rssi_thresh":"-67"}Changes the ibeacon asset minimum RSSI threshold. Units of dBm. [-38,-103]

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