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Proxidyne Relay wirelessly connects your existing and new sensors to your Proxidyne Bridge.

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Proxidyne Bridge connects to in-store sensors and automatically dispatches retail staff via two-way radios, text messages or smartphone app

Simply connect your in-store sensors with Proxidyne Relay and your Proxidyne Bridge will start notifying staff when customers are in high value aisles and non-staffed service counters. Use Proxidyne Relay with call buttons, pressure sensitive mats, video cameras, IR sensors, and any device that supports dry contacts.


  • Easy setup: Connect your existing dry contact devices right to the Proxidyne Relay.
  • Wireless: Save time and money with easy installation without running any wires.
  • Long Life: Batteries last up to a year.
  • Secure: Uses industry-standard security for communication.
  • Long Range: Up to 200 feet (and further range with Proxidyne Repeater).

Example Uses

Call Button

Place a custom call button where you want and notify staff when a customer presses the button.


Increase sales by detecting customer activity to notify staff.

Pressure Mat

Increase customer service response time by notifying staff when a customer steps on a pressure mat.

IR Sensors

Notify staff when customers enter aisles with high value products.

Technical Specifications

Network Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Power 2 AAA Batteries
Battery Life Up to 1 year
Security AES-128 Encryption
Proxidyne Bridge Compatibility Version 2.0 or later

RSVP for Demo Schedule a 5-Minute Assessment

Product Sheet

Proxidyne Relay product v4.0