Proxidyne Button lets your customers and staff press button to broadcast a message that you control for each button via your Proxidyne Bridge.

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Proxidyne Button installs easily and automatically broadcasts easily programed messages to retail staff via two-way radios, text messages or smartphone app.

Survey Button

Survey Button
The Proxidyne Survey Button is an easy way to integrate a survey into your embedded computer solution.

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Use Proxidyne Button to notify staff when customers or other staff members need assistance.


  • Wireless: Installs easily requiring no wires just double sided foam tape
  • Flexible: Change announcement anytime via web UI
  • Powerful: Select or record a different announcement and group, i.e., channel, for each button 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Compatible: Transmit to existing radios or smart phones
  • Trackable: Record all button events for later analysis
  • Secure: Uses industry-standard security
  • Range: Up to 200 ft extensible with Proxidyne Repeater

Example Uses

Call Button

Call Button

Place a custom call button where you want and notify staff when a customer presses the button.

Survey Button

Collect Important Information

Get customer feedback when and where you need it most.

Fitting Room

Fitting Room

Customers can press a button inside the fitting room to ask for assistance for that specific room.

Customer Service Desk

Service Desk

Call staff to a service desk with the press of a button that triggers a radio broadcast.


Cashier Assistance

Keep cashiers working with buttons to call for assistance such as change, price check, open another register and manager needed. Request can be delivered to the right audience by radio, text or other medium.

Bleu Button 4-button with customizable button images

Bleu Button 4-button with customizable button images

Technical Specifications

Network Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Power 2 AA Batteries
Battery Life Up to 1 year
Security AES-128 Encryption


Proxidyne Bridge Compatibility Version 2.0 or later

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Product Sheets

Proxidyne Button Product (v4.1.2): High ResSmall File
Proxidyne Cashier Button Product (v4.1.2): High ResSmall File