Monitor and control automated in-store device-triggered actions and communications at all of your locations with Proxidyne Dashboard.

View analytics of activity for all or any subset of your locations or download data into your own analytics solution.

Delegate management tasks to staff for the devices in their store or set of stores only.


  • Hosted: Start now. No need to wait for your overloaded IT department
  • Scalable: Manage device-triggered actions at thousands of stores and regions
  • Powerful: Simultaneously push policies to as many stores as needed.
  • Speedy: Understand the status of all of your stores’ device-triggered actions visually in seconds
  • Actionable: Transforms activity data into analytics so that you know what’s working and what needs changing store by store and product by product
  • Secure: Trust that all communications are protected by AES-256 encryption and X.509 certificate authentication
  • Reliable: Depend on Amazon’s data center security

Example Uses

Monitor Status

Confirm with a glance at a dashboard the status of every Proxidyne device including Bridges, Buttons, Motion Sensors, and Relays.

React Quickly

Change messages or device configurations for select stores simultaneously to react to market conditions or staff changes.

Spot Opportunities

Receive actionable analytics so you know what’s working and what needs changing store by store and product by product.


Technical Specifications

Web-based Works in all modern browsers; optimized for mobile
Stack Amazon IoT stack for shadow image
Storage Amazon S3 storage for activity data
Communication MQTT delivers efficient communication

Product Sheet

Proxidyne Dashboard (v4.0): High ResSmall File