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The Proxidyne Asset Detector featuring LoRaWAN™ technology is used to detect nearby assets that transmit iBeacon signals.  It can be used to detect nearby iBeacon devices such as iBeacon stickers, tags, lanyards, or any device that transmits an iBeacon signal.  The Proxidyne LoRaWAN Asset Detector scans at regular intervals for a predetermined period of time and send any detected iBeacons to the LoRaWAN bridge.  The Asset Detector is configured with the LoRaWAN settings and iBeacon settings prior to deployment.

Analog Features

Bluetooth LE 4.1 (range up to 200 Meters)

LoRa 915 MHz Radio Transceiver (up to 15 Km)

ARM Cortex-M3 Micro controller



The 360LR LoRaWAN Asset Detector works great with the Proxidyne Wearable iBeacon.

Power Options

Powered via 4 AA batteries or USB 5 V power for easy deployment.


Technical Specifications

Security AES 128 encrypted communication channel
Network Connectivity Detects nearby iBeacon over Bluetooth 4.1
Range Extend range of multiple nearby Proxidyne Sensors up to 1 km
Power USB 5V power
Antenna Internal 915 Mhz Antenna
Internal 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth Antenna
Upgrades Upgradeable firmware via USB
Connector USB Type-A Mini connector for configuration and power

Datasheet and Setup Guide are available.