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Casper Suite 9.5 Introduced the ability to activate workflows based on proximity to iBeacon devices. Bleu Stations from Twocanoes Labs are an iBeacon-enabled device that works great with Casper Suite 9.5. Using the free Bleu JSS setup iOS app, an administrator can define iBeacons in the Casper Suite JSS, and then easily set up the physical beacons in their environment. This document outlines this process.

JSS Beacons Setup

In the JSS, select iBeacons under Network Organizations, select iBeacons.

Create a new beacon in JSS

 Create a new beacon by selecting New.

Entering Beacon Values in JSS

Give the beacon a display name that matches where the beacon is going to be deployed. Casper Suite 9.5 supports wildcarding of beacon major and minor numbers, but when programming a physical beacon, you must provide both a major and minor number. You can define beacons later with wildcard major and minor numbers for activating workflows, but for setting up beacons, specify the follow attributes:

1. UUID: A unique identifer for your entire organzation. It can be generated using the “uuidgen” command line utility in Terminal on OS X. All beacons should have the same UUID in your organization, but it is not require to have them the same. It is a best practice to make them the same for all beacons.

2. Major Value: This is an integer between 0 and 65,535. It usually defines the larger organization unit (building number, district, zone). For this example, the major value to “1” defines all classrooms.

3. Minor Value: This is an integer between 0 and 65,535. It usually defines the individual room or area. For this example, we will use the classroom number.

Click Save when done.

Confirm Beacon Settings

Click Done when finished configuring the beacon.

Beacon Setup and Wildcards in JSS


For this example, we defined some classrooms and some beacon wildcard values that represent all the classrooms and the school.

Log in to JSS with Bleu JSS

On the iOS device that has Bleu JSS installed, enter in the JSS URL and a valid administrator username and password, and tap Log In.

Select a beacon from JSS to configure

Once login is complete, you will see all the beacons in your JSS that have both a major and minor number defined. Select a beacon to configure it.

Plug in a Bleu Station and select

Once a beacon has been selected, the app will begin scanning for Bleu Station beacons. Plug in a beacon and it will automatically appear. Select it.

Configuration Complete

After the beacon has been selected, it will automatically be programmed using the beacon information from the JSS. The beacon is now confiugred and read to be used.